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Patricia Browne/Illustrator-Artist

Artist, Illlustrator and Designer Patricia Browne melded her artistic and imaginative talents with her computer/technical affinity to launch her design career. Using her techno-artistry, Patricia Browne delights clients as diverse as jazz and rock musicians to realtors to corporate educators.

Since opening her illustration and multi-media design studio in 2000, Ms. Browne has designed web page layouts, structures and content, 3-D illustrations for instructional manuals, brochures, and newsletters, promotional posters, cd layout for covers and booklets.

Patricia Browne has also directed, filmed, edited, and rendered digital music videos, created flash animations, created corporate logos and collateral work, and has done traditional illustration for publications and original digital artwork.Patricia Browne's online portfolio includes samples of illustration, print designs, logos, animation,motiongraphics, flash banners and web site design.

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